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ErgoFurniture is a subsidiary of Uplifting Solutions who provide a range of office furniture including ergonomic chairs and monitor mounts available to buy online.

In order to develop their online business Uplifting Solutions required a complete overhaul to their existing website using a flexible and robust eCommerce solution.

The underlying shopping cart had to be simple enough for non-technical staff to administer yet powerful enough to engage users and provide a feature-rich shopping experience.

The revamped site features a clean uncluttered design allowing users to find what they are looking for quickly without distraction.

High resolution images and video on product pages get customers closer to the products than ever before; Hovering over images provides a handy zoom function bringing up a clear magnified image so that visitors can see before they buy; Short streamable video clips highlight product features and demonstrate use on popular products.

The checkout procedure is also quick and intuitive allowing users to checkout in 3 simple steps.

As a result of this functionality ErgoFurniture has seen a significant increase in sales conversions and is already yielding record sales figures in the first month post launch.

Configurable products were a crucial requirement for Uplifting Solutions following the launch of their new range of customisable LCD monitor arms.

By completing a number of simple steps customers are able to build their own monitor mounts configured to meet their exact requirements and then order them online.

These product options allow Uplifting Solutions to offer a wider variety of product configurations across their whole range of ergonomic office furniture.

ErgoFurniture is optimised for search engines and high rankings on a number of competitive keywords.

In addition to having an attractive user interface the underlying code is also clean, structured and efficient making it easy for search engines to crawl and index.

Optimisation tools are built right into the intuitive admin interface giving users with administrative privileges complete control over the most important aspects of on-page SEO without the need for any technical knowledge or coding.


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