Express Photo Canvas

Express Photo Canvas sell a range of striking canvas prints from their professional gallery as well as the option of turning your very own photos into canvas art or digital wallpaper.

As a result their website required a powerful eCommerce solution that could handle the diverse product specifications and customisations that they offered. In addition their huge gallery of images needed to be accessible and easy to navigate allowing users to browse through images without hindrance.

The Express Photo Canvas site was designed with all these requirements in mind and not only provides a slick user experience, but also features an intuitive control panel that allows the website administrator to control and manage a huge amount of content quickly and efficiently.

Horizontal navigation near the top of the page gives users quick and easy access to all the major parts of the website.

Vertical navigation down the side of the page allows ‘one click’ access to each of the image galleries

The flexible eCommerce software provides users with the opportunity to tailor their products and upload their own images to customise their canvas art.

The shopping cart process is simple and intuitive so that users can configure and purchase their products in just a few clicks.



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