Tobias Miller

As an artistic person himself Tobias Miller required a website with a clean, minimalist design that would not detract from the main purpose of the site: the artwork – yet would still reflect the creative nature of his industry.

Using a narrow palette of colours, clean crisp lines and a pixel perfect layout the website was able to reflect the essence of the artists style without detracting from the works featured on the site.

The content management system allows the freelance artist to manage the website himself, uploading new works of art as and when they are completed.

Pictures and images are resized automatically to fit the design and layout of the website and can easily be arranged into categories and galleries according to the administrator’s preference.

Comment and feedback forms allow users who visit the site to interact with the artist and leave their comments and opinions on work featured on the site.

Users can also preview works of art in full screen with background objects obscured for maximum impact and uninhibited viewing of the artwork on the site.


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